Be active

Poster “ beactive” was made for a poster design competition Plaktivat with the title Poženi se v tek! (Start running). In the modern era when people are lazy as fuck, the only parts moving are our fingers endlessly tapping on our facebook and instagram feeds, forgetting our bodies are made to be phisically active. As a consequence people are getting fat, heart diseases are in high climb and psychological problems such as anxiety are kicking in already in the early stages of this clusterfuck we call life. With the advertisments such as they are the poster needed to have a chance to be seen amongst all the bright and poorly designed visual information surrounding us. The hashtag using capital letters “BEACTIVE” tries to get us to stop fiddling with our iphones, ipads or other gadgets and start stepping outside, be active and enjoy the walking and running. (Co-author: Mihael A. Mahkovic)

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